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Leadership Extra

About Leadership Extra

Leadership Extra is a Leadership program well packaged to raise, train and equip leaders and would be leaders in both spiritual and secular sectors of the society.

Courses offered are aimed at:-

  1. Bringing out the leadership traits in the participants.
  2. Educating participants on Leadership skills.
  3. Proffering solution to Leadership queries in the minds of the participants.
  4. Providing platform for interaction.
  5. Updating the participants on current Leadership principles.
  6. Empowering Participants for 21st Century Leadership challenges.


  1.      General Introduction to Leadership Concept.
  2.      Power of Vision.
  3.      Handling Criticisms.
  4.      Managing Men (Human Resource Management).
  5.      Effective Communication.
  6.      Attitudes.
  7.      Overcoming Challenges in Leadership.
  8.      Ethics of Leadership.
  9.      Management of Resources.
  10. Handling Your Mistakes & Failures.
  11. Handling Your Skeptics.
  12. Leader and His Health.
  13. Principles of Following.
  14. Leader and His Family Life. 
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