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I Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Grow Your Ministry.


Using the word of God to create an eternal impact in the lives of men.


  1. Preaching and Teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ consistently and innovatively to all men around and beyond us.
  2. Raising true and effective workers and leaders.
  3. Empowering saints to discover and fulfill destiny.
  4. Raising prosperous saints for the end time move of God.
  5. Giving homes a meaning.


  • Organize special seminars, outreaches and conferences.
  • Publication of books and materials.
  • Embark on internet outreaches.
  • Use of Audio and Video CD.
  • Evolving solid support/Welfare Schemes for Widows, Fatherless, upcoming Servants of God, etc.¬†
  • ¬†Operate Bible School.
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